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Yoga For Scoliosis


Since commencing Yoga for Scoliosis with Gill and practising it daily - my daughter has less back pain. She is more mobile and her stamina is better. She is able to walk for longer periods. She is less self conscious, as there is less rotation of her shoulder blade.

Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs


As someone who suffers from long-term back pain (both upper and lower), and keen to source other treatment methods other than medication, The classes had a very relaxed atmosphere, The instructor, Gill, was very forthcoming to all in the class and she took specific care to identify everyone's concerns, injuries, limits and motivations to provide as much of a personal experience as possible. When I found the time to perform the practices at home, I found it very beneficial for my back pain. I would remind everyone that there is no quick fix for back pain, the simple practices I learned in this course I have tried to incorporate into my everyday routine. The most rewarding aspects from the class which I now try to act on every day, are the breathing techniques and simply having more awareness of my body. If you are suffering from back pain, I would thoroughly recommend this course.


This is a stimulating class which I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone with back pain. The yoga teacher is full of inspiring advice on specific yoga exercises and goes the extra mile to accommodate everyone. I found it all extremely helpful, offering a range of brilliant practices, most of which I would never have known about. These have led me to realise the benefits of daily yoga practice to overcome back pain and have brought me to my own calm, quiet place.


I have suffered from chronic lower back problems resulting in me having to take three months off work - ( being self - employed this was a major blow) . Since beginning this course and doing the home practices from my support material, my back has not felt so good in years! Thank you Gill

Traditional Yoga


'Gill's Yoga classes are the best I've been to because she is such an experienced teacher. I have been going to her for over three years and have noticed that my body is more toned and I am more relaxed.'


Gill's attention to detail in postures for each individual means that group classes have an almost one-to-one approach. This holistic approach to Yoga ensures that a wide range of abilities can be catered for in one class - perfect if you're a beginner or coming back after an injury or an absence. Each Wednesday since 2004 this class has been my own self-indulgence resulting in the best night's sleep of the week..


'Flexibility, strength, fun, calming, energising.-come to mind when I think of Gills Yoga classes. I have been doing Yoga with Gill for almost 7 years..She is easy to understand and her classes are a great way of keeping in shape, relaxing, revitalising yourself . I gain so many benefits that I cannot recommend her highly enough. She truly is a yoga star!'


'Gill, many thanks for all the years of Yoga. With your help I got into some positions I didn't think my body could achieve.' Namaste

Pregnancy Yoga

Susan and Mollie,

'Thank you for helping us achieve a perfect birth.'


'Ante Natal Yoga was of great benefit throughout all of my 3 pregnancies. I felt more relaxed and prepared for the birth as the breathing techniques were invaluable to aid sleep especially . Baby Yoga has been a wonderful experience and I have brought all 3 of my children to Baby Yoga too. I find the songs and routines really useful as they help both of us relax especially, if the baby is fretful. The babies are so tired they usually sleep all afternoon which gives the mums a chance to catch up over lunch! I recommend Gill's ante natal and Baby Yoga to all my friends and I have yet to find anyone that has not enjoyed the experience.'

Rebecca L

'Pregnancy Yoga with Gill was fantastic. All the postures helped throughout my pregnancy. The breath work was really useful during labor. I recommend her to all the pregnant mums I meet.'


'So all in all I had a relatively short labours in which I felt pretty much in control and didn't need any stitches or anything. So thank you very much for teaching me those very useful Yoga techniques and helping me to gain confidence in the capabilities of my own body in each of my three pregnancies.'


I first attended Pregnancy Yoga with Gill with my first baby in 2006. I honestly believe that Gill's classes equipped me with the knowledge and tools to have healthy and calm pregnancies and positive births. So much so that I am back with Gill in 2016 with baby number FIVE! I also attended Postnatal and Baby yoga with my 5 children. My babies loved the classes - interacting with the other babies, singing and massage. The class also allowed me to make a gentle step towards reclaiming my pre-pregnancy body. Thank you Gill for all your support and knowledge! You are an angel!

Marie Claire

'Gill- Thank you. I loved the Prenatal Yoga, it was a lovely chance to actually enjoy being pregnant and made me feel a lot more confident about giving birth. Mimi and I also loved the Mum and Baby Yoga and Mimi is enjoying it when we sing the songs.

Jane- (Mummy to Ruby, Annie, Harry & Will)

It is hard to believe that it is 9 years ago since I came to my first Pregnancy Yoga class with Gill. The positions and practices helped to ease out aches and pains and the breathing practices were invaluable for a great night’s sleep. Gill showed us birthing positions and the magical Golden thread Breath and this kept me calm and empowered in all 4 births. I have enjoyed Postnatal and Baby Yoga with my 4 children and the all loved and responded well to the practices and singing. The babies slept very well afterwards . I also learned how to ease out my back and shoulders and techniques to strengthen my core and pelvic floor muscles. Thank you Gil for your extensive knowledge and for so many happy memories.– Namaste Jane


'You have been an inspiration! Thanks for all the calm and all the energy! Looking forward to Baby Yoga'.


Gill I cannot thank you enough for all of your never-ending support, guidance & abundance of positive energy! The classes are the best preparation that you can have for pregnancy, birth & motherhood. I have benefited so much so that I am back again with baby 3 ! There is also the great social and fun side to the classes . Gill always has a tried & tested solution for every possible ache or pain ! I also attended Gill's Post Natal & Baby Yoga classes which are fantastic. A great way to ease your body back into to gentle exercise routine and my babies really enjoyed them too. I learnt some great tools for baby calming & relaxation that really helped during times of teething.

Emma and Henry

'Just to thank you for all your help and relaxing Yoga during my pregnancy and for the Baby Yoga afterwards. We have thoroughly enjoyed both of them and I will most definitely recommend you to everyone. You are so good at what you do and you can tell that you love it - it really shows. Lots of love.'


I attended Antenatal Yoga with Gill when pregnant with each of my 3 children. I found the breathing, the stretching and the relaxation invaluable. Another bonus is the preparation for birth. We learnt different birth positions, and breathing which became second nature to me during labour, insomnia and even the painful early days of breastfeeding ! I thoroughly enjoyed my weekly Postnatal Yoga classes.The stretching exercises are great for the stiffness and tension that all the feeding, lifting and changing causes. I also attended Gill's Birth Preparation Workshop with my husband, which we both enjoyed. It gave my husband some tips for how to help out during labour. Gill is a great teacher and very passionate about Yoga. I also made very close friends at my first antenatal Yoga classes and it has been fantastic for us to share the journey of parenthood. I would thoroughly recommend all the classes to any mum-to-be or new mum.

Postnatal and Baby Yoga


Meg and I enjoyed our Wednesday morning sessions with you - it certainly brought a little calmness into our lives!


'I really enjoyed the Baby Yoga classes with Gill and my baby loved mixing with other babies. It was great to get back into some gentle exercises shortly after giving birth and help tone up my figure. The relaxation also helped me to deal with sleepless nights whenever my baby was crying. I would recommend it to every new mum.'

Julia and Naomi

'I just want to take time to tell you how much Naomi and I have got from your Baby Yoga class. It has been our favourite group. She has loved all the postures and songs and we now practice regularly. Lots of love'

Emma and Lily

Thank you for all the Yoga, it has been so good for us both. The Pregnancy Yoga got me through the last few weeks when I was big and uncomfortable and I couldn't have got through labour without the breathing techniques. Lilly has just loved the Baby Yoga.and we have made lots of friends'.

Carol and baby Conor

'Thank you for everything, through the last months of my pregnancy and first six months of Connor's life - we will always enjoy singing and doing the Yoga exercises together. Love and God Bless.'

Kiran mother of Eva

'I began antenatal yoga with Gill at 16 weeks and ended at 38 weeks. , The breathing techniques helped me the most, and the stretches made the aches and pains of pregnancy more tolerable. When my baby turned breech, Gill taught me practices to try to turn the baby, As soon as I could, I signed up for Baby Yoga, until my daughter was 6 months. I knew that I liked Gill's classes, but I didn't know my baby would too l! It was great for her socialization, and she and all the other babies love the songs and rhymes combined with stretches and exercises. I highly recommend both classes.

Alyson , Ben and Alexander

'We have enjoyed your Baby Yoga classes so much. All the great songs and moves are used on a daily basis in our house! Thank you so much for everything. We will really miss our daily workout'. Love to you .

Baby Massage

Mary and James

'I attended the Baby Massage classes when James was about three months old This great class showed me how to instantly relax James with massage techniques and he would sleep for 5-6 hours after each class, normally he only slept for 30-45 mins at a time. I started Baby Yoga with him when he was almost six weeks old and we have completed 3 eight week Baby Yoga courses. I benefited hugely from the range of Post Natal exercises. James loved the opportunity to interact with other babies and most importantly he was always very calm for a good sleep by the end of the class!!.


'Ross and I started Baby Massage with Gill when he was only 6 weeks old. I found it great at settling him in the early days which really helped with my confidence as well. I also learnt some great techniques for dealing with all the little tummy and digestive problems babies under 3 months seem to suffer from. It was also great to meet other new Mums.

Hypno Yoga for Birth


I loved having my Hypno Yoga for Birth sessions tailored completely to me and my baby and the cosiness and convenience of being at home; I found the deep relaxation very beneficial to my sleep and outlook; Gill is not only uniquely experienced, knowledgeable and understanding but innately warm, compassionate, positive and fun so I was able to discuss frankly what I hoped to get from sessions and even looking forward to them was a lift. This has helped me find the freedom and positivity to move forward following traumatic experiences around pregnancy, birth and postnatal depression, and embrace THIS wonderful blessing of a pregnancy.

One to One


Gill is a gifted and empathetic yoga teacher. I found my one on one classes with her uplifting both mentally and physically. I loved her approach which is to tailor each session specifically to the needs and capabilities of her students. I would highly recommend. Gill's unique and effective style of practice. Namaste. Brenda.