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Class Length: 45 - 75 minutes
2018-08-07 19:20:00

Stress is endemic in the work-place and the cause of diminished quality of work and sick-leave. Yoga and Meditation is a wonderful life-skill and preventative to de-stress your staff and boost their energy, morale and performance. Meditation helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate and brings a state of calm and clarity. It improves focus, clarity of mind and mental alertness. It enables us to deal with stressful working environments with calm and equanimity.

Yoga helps to release physical and mental tensions, bringing a sense of equanimity and harmony to the body and mind. Yoga can help to ease back- pain, correct bad posture and ease repetitive strain, as well as bringing deep relaxation and revitalisation to the entire body. Simple, breathing practices can help to clear the mind, energise and promote a greater sense of well-being.

yoga or meditation class

yoga or meditation class

All you need is a clean, airy practice space, such as a conference room, boardroom or canteen in which to set aside some time for Yoga or Meditation (classes last for 45 minutes to 75 minutes).

Price and availability on request.

Gill has been teaching One-to-One and Corporate Yoga since 2004. Companies that she has worked with include Queen’s University,The Allianz, Positive Life and the Audit Office.

Available Classes

There are currently no scheduled classes for this option. It may be available as a one to one or corporate session. Please feel free to get in touch to find out more. Alternatively click the class timetable below for a full list of classes.