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For women from 14 to 40 weeks pregnant

Class Length: 1hr 30min
2019-07-30 23:50:00

Gill’s aim is that women can feel more comfortable in their pregnancies and more calm and confident about birth. Since pioneering holistic Pregnancy Yoga classes from 2003 in Belfast and Lisburn, Northern Ireland she has taught over 10, 000 women, creating a supportive, friendly environment. Common problems can be shared and addressed within the Yoga practice and women can discuss problems and connect with each other- many returning with fourth and fifth pregnancies.

a youth club for pregnant women

Once described by a former student as, ‘a youth club for pregnant women’ the classes last for one and a half hours and are a blend of fun, traditional Yoga, rhythmical movement, voicework ,. Pranayama (Breathwork) and deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) .They are suitable for absolute beginners to Yoga and seasoned practitioners

Yoga practices are carefully adapted for mums to be with injuries and medical conditions.



Pranayama (Breathwork) is taught as it promotes inner calm, for mother and baby, increases vitality and can help to increase the baby’s oxygen supply. It is a very effective way of also helping to control anxiety and insomnia. Practising Yogic breathing) in pregnancy is necessary for it to become instinctive during the birth process.

Inner Calm

Time is always made for deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) a nurturing opportunity for women to let go of any fear or anxiety in their pregnancy,. It is a great way of developing the bond with her baby/ babies. It promotes the attitude of witnessing which is vital during childbirth as it breaks the mother’s identification with bodily pain. 

Birth Tips & Breathing

Birth Tips & Breathing

Practical Birthing positions, tips and breathing are taught when the woman feels ready. This embodied knowledge can be transferred to use during birth and labour. 

Pregnancy Yoga aims to help women give birth naturally and joyfully, without undue strain, resistance or fear. It aims to help them to feel fit and strong, and well prepared.
Dr Francoise Freedman (Birthlight) 


  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Boost energy
  • Encourage restful sleep and calmness
  • Make space physically and mentally for the growing baby/ babies
  • Promote bonding with the baby/ babies through visualisation and breathwork
  • Relieve minor ailments and back pain
  • Helps keep the body toned, supple and strong
  • Relieve pain during childbirth

Gill pioneered Pregnancy Yoga in Northern Ireland since introducing it in 2003. Many women return to her classes with fourth and fifth pregnancies. She trained at Birthlight with Dr Francoise Freedman & Uma Dinsmore Tuli, in Perinatal Yoga in 2003 and in Postnatal and Baby Yoga (& Smart Toddler Yoga). from 2005, An IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) Instructor since 2009. Gill is also a Childbirth Preparation educator and Hypno Yoga for Birth Teacher (Creative Calm, 2017). .


Jane- (Mummy to Ruby, Annie, Harry & Will)

It is hard to believe that it is 9 years ago since I came to my first Pregnancy Yoga class with Gill. The positions and practices helped to ease out aches and pains and the breathing practices were invaluable for a great night’s sleep. Gill showed us birthing positions and the magical Golden thread Breath and this kept me calm and empowered in all 4 births. I have enjoyed Postnatal and Baby Yoga with my 4 children and the all loved and responded well to the practices and singing. The babies slept very well afterwards . I also learned how to ease out my back and shoulders and techniques to strengthen my core and pelvic floor muscles. Thank you Gil for your extensive knowledge and for so many happy memories.– Namaste Jane


'Ante Natal Yoga was of great benefit throughout all of my 3 pregnancies. I felt more relaxed and prepared for the birth as the breathing techniques were invaluable to aid sleep especially . Baby Yoga has been a wonderful experience and I have brought all 3 of my children to Baby Yoga too. I find the songs and routines really useful as they help both of us relax especially, if the baby is fretful. The babies are so tired they usually sleep all afternoon which gives the mums a chance to catch up over lunch! I recommend Gill's ante natal and Baby Yoga to all my friends and I have yet to find anyone that has not enjoyed the experience.'


I attended Antenatal Yoga with Gill when pregnant with each of my 3 children. I found the breathing, the stretching and the relaxation invaluable. Another bonus is the preparation for birth. We learnt different birth positions, and breathing which became second nature to me during labour, insomnia and even the painful early days of breastfeeding ! I thoroughly enjoyed my weekly Postnatal Yoga classes.The stretching exercises are great for the stiffness and tension that all the feeding, lifting and changing causes. I also attended Gill's Birth Preparation Workshop with my husband, which we both enjoyed. It gave my husband some tips for how to help out during labour. Gill is a great teacher and very passionate about Yoga. I also made very close friends at my first antenatal Yoga classes and it has been fantastic for us to share the journey of parenthood. I would thoroughly recommend all the classes to any mum-to-be or new mum.

Available Pregnancy Yoga Classes


Morton Community Centre Belfast

Class Time: 19:30 - 21:00


Live - Online Class Via Zoom Video

Class Time: 6pm- 7.15pm


Santosha Yoga Studio Lisburn

Class Time: 18:00 - 19:15


Santosha Yoga Studio Lisburn

Class Time: 19.30- 2100