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A nourishing, fun one and a half hour class based on traditional Yoga for everybody.

You don't have to be a certain age, shape, or size to practice Yoga, nor bendy to achieve the 'perfect pose' . Gill can carefully and compassionately adapt the Yoga practices to suit your needs and experience. Therefore, modifications are provided for those with physical injuries, medical problems or limitations and for pregnant women. More advanced practices can also be included for the more experienced student.

Practising at your own pace we will explore together traditional, aligned Yoga postures, with some flowing movement, in order to de-stress your body and mind and bring you back to your true, calm self.

The physical yoga postures (asanas) bring the physical and physiological function into harmony by the release of physical tension. The practice of Yoga asanas helps bring people back into their body, as the age that we live in is 'a time of great bodily disassociation', Donna Farhi. When we are not in our bodies we become disassociated from our instincts, feelings and insights. Many people may come to yoga to heal a bad back or gain more flexibility, but they can soon realise that what has changed is their whole way of dealing with life.

Yogic breathing (Pranayama) will help you to feel more energised, positive, calm and focused. It will also encourage you to connect more fully with the Yoga practices. It brings the circulatory system into a harmonious state. Physical and emotional tensions can be released so that the body and mind can heal themselves. A wide variety of Yogic breathing practices are taught, as they are the key to relaxation. Sometimes Yoga Mudras and Bandhas will be used to help deepen your awareness.

Every class finishes with Deep Relaxation ( Yoga nidra), leaving you feeling revitalised, more focused and peaceful. Muscular, emotional and mental tensions can be released and addressed. It is the equivalent to five hours sleep and can provide the perfect way to heal old patterns. 

Practising Yoga in this way is 'the Return to Wholeness' because it is a journey of re-discovery of our source of well-being. It encourages us to unfold gently and to reconnect with our centre, the source of healing and vitality. We begin with the outward layer of the physical body and work inwards, to reconnect with our selves.

There is always time to connect with other open, friendly people during every class.

'Yoga has a special role to play in the world of today. Its practice alone can remove mental and physical afflictions.' Paramahamsa Satyananda.
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