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Fun-flowing, movement-based Hatha yoga, the most practised form of yoga in the West as it is a superb science of the body. The classes are an eclectic mix of styles influenced by Iyengar yoga through to Astanga Vinyasa, as well as the teaching of David Sye. They are both energising and relaxing. They are comprised of a blend of physical yoga (asana), yoga breathing, (pranayama) meditation (dhyana) and relaxation (yoga nidra).

The classes are for all levels of ability and all ages. No previous experience is required.
Gill's method of teaching is differentiated, therefore practices are modified for pregnant women, and for those with physical injuries, medical problems or limitations. More advanced practices can also be included for those who require them.

The physical yoga postures (asanas) bring the physical and physiological function into harmony by the release of physical tension. The practice of asana helps bring people back into their body, as the age that we live in is 'a time of great bodily disassociation', Donna Farhi. When we are not in our bodies we become disassociated from our instincts, feelings and insights. Many people may come to yoga to heal a bad back or gain more flexibility, but they can soon realise that what has changed is their whole way of dealing with life.

Yoga breathing (pranayama) brings the circulatory system into a harmonious state. Physical and emotional tensions can be released so that the body and mind can heal themselves. A wide variety of yoga breathing practices are taught. Yogic breathing is the key to relaxation, the bridge between the body and the mind. The out breath relaxes the nervous system and the in breath is energising. The yoga breathing practices bring the body and mind to a state of calm. Students are encouraged to establish their own practice

'Man and woman, beast and bird live by the breath.
Breath therefore is called the true sign of life.'

The Taittirya Upanishad

General YogaSimple Meditation (Dyhana) is sometimes taught in order to shift the mind out of judgement to witnessing. Once we can begin to surrender we can begin to experience that sense of oneness with everything.

'Once we open to the flow of energy within our own body
we also open to the flow of energy in the universe'

Swami Buddhananda, Moola Bandha

Deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) is practiced as created by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, who states in Yoga Nidra,

'The practice of yoga nidra enables one to receive intuitions from the unconscious mind...the intuitions received during yoga nidra enable one to find within one's self the answers to all problems.'

Muscular, emotional and mental tensions can be released and addressed during its practice. It is the equivalent to five hours sleep and can provide the perfect way to relax and heal old patterns.

'Grace, beauty, strength, energy and firmness adorn the body through yoga.'
Yoga Sutra lll, 47