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For Babies from 4 weeks to one year old

Loving touch is the most ancient and comforting language of babies. Gentle touch reinforces love, safety and trust between the parent/ caregiver and child that lasts a lifetime.

During this relaxing, 5 week course of International Association of Infant Massage (founded in 1982) you will learn a soothing combination of Swedish and Indian massage strokes to calm your baby.

Massage strokes are repeated and developed each week, so that by the end of the course you will be able to give your baby/babies a full body massage.

A Manual of strokes, massage oil, snacks and drinks are included in the price.

A more relaxed baby will sleep more deeply and for longer, as muscular tension is eased.

Massaging your baby's tummy helps to relieve colic , wind and constipation allowing your baby to feel more comfortable.

Using natural oils will help to nourish your baby's skin and improve it's condition.

Discovering the different baby cues will help you to learn to communicate more effectively with each other and deepen your bond with your baby. Oxytocin ( the love hormone) is released in both the massage giver and the child, promoting healing and happiness.

Learn how to carefully adapt massage strokes as babies become active through to toddling, school age and adolescence.

There will be time to meet and support each other, as well share and discuss a range of parenting topics during snacks and refreshments.

The class is baby led and baby friendly so babies can be fed, changed, rocked or sleep.

Baby Massage can help:-
  • Your baby to feel loved
  • Parent and baby to learn to relax together
  • Promote better sleep
  • Relieve your baby's teething, colic and constipation
  • Aid your baby's digestion
  • Strengthen your baby's immune system
  • Develop baby's muscle tone and co-ordination
  • Develop parent/baby bond and communication
  • Provides sensory stimulation
  • Helps you discover your baby's cues

Gill has pioneered Pregnancy Yoga in Northern Ireland , since introducing it in 2003. Many women have returned to her classes with fourth and fifth pregnancies ranging in age from 17 years old to 47 and from all walks of life. She is a very experienced Perinatal Yoga teacher having trained at Birthlight with Dr Francoise Freedman and Uma Dinsmore Tuli, in 2003; in Postnatal and Baby Yoga and Smart Toddler Yoga since 2005, as well as an IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) Instructor since 2009. She is also a Childbirth Preparation educator and Hypno Yoga for Birth Teacher.
* Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Baby Massage